The mission of The Age Of Science Education is to help reinstall the passion and the importance of facts and truth in science education. It is to help you find new ways to keep students engaged and to build their passion and enthusiasm for science.

The mission is also to provide a place where science teachers, as well as the general public, can come together and discuss ideas and research, look for some ideas and pointers on how to keep students engaged with the science subjects as well as discussing the importance of critical thinking and inquiry-based learning; two concepts that are vitally important to help young minds grow and to give them the lifelong tools that they need to question the world around them.

We also aim to provide tools and discussion matter to assist the science teacher in keeping religious views and beliefs out of the science room and indeed out of the school in general. We believe that these religious beliefs and, in some cases, religious extremism are detrimental to science education in every possible way.

Religious belief provides a barrier to all and any rational thinking, stunts the educational growth of a child, and halts all critical thinking and inquiry-based learning. For all intents and purposes, religious beliefs imposed on a child is psychological abuse towards the child.

For these and many other reasons, that will be discussed in future posts on this website, we adhere to the principles that facts, and truths, and following a tried and tested scientific method of research and investigation is the best path for students to follow as it is the only path that will allow them to conduct their own experiments, ask their own questions, come up with their own answers and that will help build and develop an inquisitive mind.

As educators, it is our moral duty to be honest and truthful with our students.